Meet Simone

Who we are 

 Simone’s Digital World is a web development company marketed towards fashion designers.

 Are you a Fashion designer in need of a web design with an edge? Better yet are you just an all-around trendsetter.  If so then we have something in common. As a web developer and if I can say so myself a fashionista who lusts over the latest trends and designer fixes I am a risky bold web developer. I have my degree in advertising and public relations and now I am helping fashion designers like yourself build their brands on various digital platforms.

Simone’s Digital World is a bold company with an eye for design in all retrospect. We know that greatness in this era needs bold ambition, inventive and a culture that believes unity is better. We approach every challenge holistically, with the best expertise in social, search, technology, and more.

We call this fashion-ology. A little mixture of web design and fashion senses go a long way. We have the ability to build our clients’ brand and enhance their business.  And while it may seem like the dream closet, we have this down to a fashion show in New York.

Vision and Purpose

“What drives me is the idea of using my gifts to enhance a customer vision and to see that vision to come to life.”

We look to enhance our client’s creative vision and build on the new or existing brand. The vision of my business is to work with new fashion designers, and actors looking to market themselves on a digital platform.  In today’s time, there are not one well-known fashion designers that haven’t utilized a website to highlight their work, events and tell about how they got started.

I took two things that I love and combined them. I love everything that goes into marketing in the fashion industry but I love enhancing everything that goes into that industry through web development. When I look at my favorite designers  I enjoy going to their websites to learn more about who they are, how they got started, and what is next for them through their website.

Our Goals

My first goal would be to help as many start-up designers build their digital platform. Secondly, work with some experienced designers to re-brand their digital platform. Lastly, I hope that I can educate them on strategies that can help highlight their digital platform. I want to not just assist, but for my customers to walk away knowledgeable of what strategies work best for their brands.