Web Design Services

Single Page website: $250
A single page website template is utilized of promoting events, films, and work portfolios.

Basic Website: $600
A basic website is WordPress theme that allows you to drop in content with limited customization. It will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your services, events, and products.

Custom Website Templates: Starting at $800
If you are looking for a larger site, with advanced functionality including but not limited to social networking, blogging, eCommerce, or any other web application topped off with great design and content that speaks to your audience you should expect to pay a bit more than the previous one above.

There are countless sites that have fallen in this price range include Facebook.com, Orkut.com, and BestBuy.com to name only a few (all GREATLY exceeding 6-figures). A site within this price range may be built and coded – and in all cases will require extreme customization – and coordinating various technologies in order to work with your company or brand.

I know what you are thinking, ‘who knew it was so expensive?’ And the only answer I can give is that web design and creation is like any other craft or trade and requires a high level of knowledge and expertise.